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The developing legal landscape of New Mexico has presented great opportunities for local and international businesses, and Gomez Law Offices, LLC is here to help. With the legal challenges we have been given, you need a trusted law firm to guide you through them.

Based in Roswell, NM, we possess diverse work experience that has made us ready for everything. Whether you have a personal injury case or need business law services, our highly qualified attorneys will be there to help you win your case or find a solution.

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Areas of Practice

Personal Injury

If you are dealing with a situation where one is affected or suffered due to another person’s negligence, trust our team to help you through any loss or financial deficit. Personal injury cases may arise from motor vehicle accidents, medical and legal malpractice, workplace accidents, wrongful deaths, premises liability, and product liability.

Other common personal injury cases are from premises liability, where serious injuries happen on someone else’s property. In wrongful deaths where people die due to someone else’s recklessness, who will bring justice for them? We understand that the proper assistance at the right time may ease the pain these people go through.

Criminal Law

When dealing with criminal law, we are usually handling felonies and misdemeanors. These cases require a rigorous analysis of all the facts and figures to bring out the best result for the alleged persons. We undergo the most extensive research to ensure no minor detail is missed for your case. We make sure that the criminal pays, but a wrongly accused person is saved.

Felony charges include assaults in both federal and state districts, possession of controlled substances and drugs, first-degree murders, rapes, burglary, and trafficking. Our professional team makes sure that all the theories are well-crafted according to the given facts and scenarios so that we can help to prevail the needed justice.

Business Law

With the economy and new business booming in New Mexico, we have been involved in providing business law services. The rise in the number of businesses has given a big surge in business litigation. We are here to help our clients decide liabilities, partnership agreements, shareholders’ rights and authority, and legal disputes when opening up a new business.

Our experienced attorneys can provide guidance and propose solutions, including mediation, arbitration, and out-of-court settlements. We can also prepare business makers for any potential employee lawsuits and competition. We will consult on what major business decisions have to be taken and the most rational way forward.

Social Security and Disability

All Social Security Disability insurance falls under Title II and is for those who have worked and contributed to the system. The insured individual is covered by benefits as widows, minor children, and dependents. Our team understands that the monthly benefits can vary depending on the individual’s earning record.

Supplemental security income falls in Title XVI, and it is for those individuals who do not have a work history but are nevertheless disabled. Gomez Law Offices, LLC represents both classes of applications. We prepare with proper screening, extensive development of your case file, interrogatories to medical providers, and prompt, timely meeting of all deadlines.

Estate and Will Planning

Ensure your future and personal assets are protected with legal assistance. Strategy is required to protect your family and save your possessions from getting into the wrong hands in the event of death. Disregarding will and estate planning may result in personal conflicts and ownership issues, seizing properties and assets, or wrongful distribution of assets.

It is important to address who will care for your wishes, your loved ones, and their future after your death. Who will save your property after your death that you have earned with blood, sweat, and tears? At Gomez Law, we aim to consult the testator regarding the subject matter to ensure the security of personal property for the better future of the beneficiaries.

Prenuptial Settlements

You should take precautionary measures into account before getting into a marriage, regardless of your confidence in the relationship. Getting married is itself a lifelong agreement and conveys the rights and responsibilities of both spouses before their marriage. Ensure your rights, responsibilities, and assets are protected in the event of a separation.

At Gomez Law Offices, we can help you write up the prenuptial settlement agreement for your marriage with your spouse. We would need both parties to split up the property, debt, or assets joined once the marriage is finalized. We can also handle other family law disputes and cases for children and families.

For more information about our practice areas, please contact us at 575-623-9448 or via text at 575-708-6651 today!