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Social Security Disability

Under the Social Security Act, these are two broad programs.

Title II is Social Security Disability Insurance is for those who have worked all their lives and have contributed or paid into the system. It covers the insured individual and can provide potential benefits for widowers (widows), minor children and dependents. Monthly benefits can vary depending on the insured, earning record, of the individual. Those that are deemed disabled under this title are entitled to Medicare (insurance) benefits.

Title XVI, Supplemental Security Income is for those individuals who do not have the work history, but are nevertheless disabled. Those that are deemed disabled under Title II may be eligible for Medicaid insurance coverage.

Gomez Law Offices, LLC represents both classes of applications.

We prepare with proper screening, extensive development of case file; interrogatories to medical providers and prompt and timely meetings of all deadlines.

All consultations are free and confidential as they are protected under attorney/client privileges.

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