Personal Injury

Personal Injury cases can arise out of the negligence of others or out of negligence by those persons or instrumentalists acting or functioning on behalf of others. These cases can arise out of: medical malpractice, insurance disputes, oilfield injury/death claims, motor vehicle accident (MVA) or other intentional misconduct by a person. This area of loss includes negligence resulting in damages (injuries) to a person, his/her property, or a person's loss of life and/or pain and suffering.

When considering a personal injury case we take and make a thorough analysis of any and all potential theories of recover as well as a thorough analysis of all parties incidental to the matter at hand the matter that caused the damage. In addition to the aforementioned, damages may include injury to a person's earning capacity, loss of wages, medical expenses and as mentioned loss of life and personal consortiums. Our approach is to fully consider and do a complete analysis of each individual case as each case in unique and different.


Criminal Law

Our office represents individuals charged with both felonies and misdemeanors. Our felony representations have included defense in 1st-degree murder, rape, trafficking, burglary, embezzlement, possession of controlled substances, aggravated assaults in both Federal and State District Courts. We also handle all varieties of misdemeanor defense work including battery, DWI, DUI, possession of paraphernalia, and others. Again, we believe effective representation begins with a subjective and thorough analysis of each case and its individual circumstances.

We find that often times the accusations someone is facing simply does not fit their conduct resulting in overcharging of crimes alleged or the severity of crimes alleged against a person. This is why a thorough consideration of all issues, both procedural and substantive, is pivotal to effective (criminal) defense. Of course, all evidence and potential leads must be likewise evaluated. For which we often times use our investigator(s) to help with issues such as accident reconstruction or witness locating. We believe that only with prepared and proper issue development, coupled with knowledge of the applicable law(s), should a person's constitutional rights be defended.

Business Law

Practices in this area include:

Business Litigation
We can advise clients over a broad range of issues involving, contracts, disputes, liabilities, partnerships, and shareholders.
Business Incorporations
Protect your personal assets, and create a corporation for your business.
Contractors Disputes
Mediation, arbitration, or a lawsuit . Whatever method it takes to resolve a dispute, we can help find an option for you.
Mechanic's /Material man's Liens
Let us make sense of who you need to pay.
Business Sales and Trade Agreements
Make sure to understand how and when you should pursue either.

Gomez Law Offices, LLC approaches this issue with the notion that bankruptcy was established as a manner of relief- relief from threatening letters; insulting and depressing creditor phone calls; attachments of property; attachment (garnishment) of wages, and relief from the stress that indebtedness or collection calls can and will cause under the problem undue debt.

Our approach is to consider clients financial condition; explain what bankruptcy will do to help them; explain to them different chapters; explain the process and procedure; and prepare the petition correctly and precisely.

Social Security & Disability

Under the Social Security Act, these are two broad programs:

Title II is Social Security Disability Insurance is for those who have worked all their lives and have contributed or paid into the system. It covers the insured individual and can provide potential benefits for widowers (widows), minor children and dependents. Monthly benefits can vary depending on the insured, earning record, of the individual. Those that are deemed disabled under this title are entitled to Medicare (insurance) benefits.

Title XVI, Supplemental Security Income is for those individuals who do not have the work history, but are nevertheless disabled. Those that are deemed disabled under Title II may be eligible for Medicaid insurance coverage.

Gomez Law Offices, LLC represents both classes of applications. We prepare with proper screening, extensive development of your case file; interrogatories to medical providers and prompt, timely meeting of all deadlines.