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Personal Injury

Personal Injury cases can arise out of the negligence of others or out of negligence by those persons or instrumentalists acting or functioning on behalf of others. These cases can arise out of: medical malpractice, insurance disputes, oilfield injury/death claims, motor vehicle accident (MVA) or other intentional mis-conduct by a person.

This area of loss includes negligence resulting in damages (injuries) to a person, his/her property, or a person's loss of life and/or pain and suffering.

When considering a personal injury case we take and make a thorough analysis of any and all potential theories of recover as well as a thorough analysis of all parties incidental to the matter at hand the matter that caused the damage.

In addition to the aforementioned, damages may include injury to a person's earning capacity, loss of wages, medical expenses and as mentioned loss of life and personal consortiums.

Our approach is to fully consider and do a complete analysis of each individual case as each case in unique and different.

All consultations are free and confidential as they are protected under attorney/client privileges.

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